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i went to the tulsa first friday art cral today… it was fun but woo 3 hours or art and only mad it to two gallerys, there is a reason it starts at six…

hear are some ruff skechers i have done from a series i’m doing on the male form

started painting again…it has bin so long but it feels so right


Squid, 2011 by Alyssa Monks

this is a fucking painting like fucking not a photo..god i love life cus of things like this fucking shit…..just perf…

(Source: pikeys)

Amazing images of birds and insects made up of hundreds of nude models

this shit is so cool 


the hunger by ~severed-heads

still me making shit in photoshop i love alice glass


MrBonecracker aka Alexander (Germany) - X-Ray, 2011

Traditional Arts: Drawings

her is a photo of crystal castles that i fucked with i love doing this 9evan though they are not that good still fun) *runs and hides under brige 

the art work of “Nicolas Lampert “

this is a crystal castles photo i messed with i like it idk