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My poetry

Hold my hand and drown with me,

pain no more,

yet we will be but stardust in the sky,

just a mystic wisdom you and I




Pithless me will all was be

I am tired of you and your fiendish ways

Long legged spider in my bed

Unclothed gorgeousness

You stroking me my chest

Leave before you se the rest

Courteousness would bring around the best of me

yet vexation

so now trubidoration seems to fit the pattern

So far gone

So much on me is bound to be meant for me

You are worm-coated sickness






Witch are germs in my skin, croling… crawling Endless,

Movement every were Endlessly.

My body falling…..Endlessly…?..?.??????

  Constant heart glow, Endless…

Every were, non-stop Endlessly….

My skin frisson from your touch Endlessly… 




On and on and on we go in to the future

Just drifting by and apart from everything you know just a collection of moving parts

Falling apart from old age and neglect

It’s all relative to what you want

Who you want

What you want to be

So stand back let it be

Let it quietly move as it may

Just let it drift away  




These are tales of greed and pride of woe and forgotten suns.

These are tales of tragedy of sorrow that you no nun.

As time will show and these tales will tell mans misery has no end. though the site of a busty madden may bring hope to his heart again.

Through this door I open walk. I bid you inter

For a land of mystery this be I offer on a platter.