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Black Moth Super Rainbow - I Think I’m Evil

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Gold Splatter

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so this is me singing untuchable face by ani difranco for scribbles-on-paper love you babe you are one of my best friends and its in the rl 



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Floragenocide - To Late

a song i wrote 2 years ago and the boy it is about never figured it out

my music not just singing 

just put up a new E.P. you should check it out (but it is progressive avant-garde electronica just leting you know, it is not to ever ones taste)

come fuckers i went to music school out oin cali for years come on at least watch my videos maybe like them i can sing you know go give it a try 

win my boy friend says no win i ask for something 

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me singing plane gold ring. and being really fucked up on pain killers 

i had to be kinda quiet my mom was sleeping

ok so i am making singing vids and deticating them to users that i follow and like and the song kinda reminds me of that person so this one is for maryjakee i enjoy you as a person keep on keeping on bro 


why don’t you choose a size and have some fucking cocaine..




my dreads at their prettiest *~*~*~

☽☀☾hippie heaven☽☀☾

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so i cheted on my boyfriend with a girl on acsodent i was black out drunk and all i remember is waking up naked in bed with her …i feel like shit about it but i told him that day cus you know i have honer and he wants to try and work it out…i dont know  i feel like he wont be able to trust me now but that is him and i wont be doing any thing els ever to hurt him so we will see i just love him so much